Digital Paid Advertising

Digital Paid Advertising

Are you a Realtor or a brokerage looking to drive leads for your business? Do you find yourself spending more time trying to find out how these advertising platforms work than you do making deals? Real Marketing Solutions specializes in developing digital marketing strategies that drive awareness, consideration and conversion for your brand.

We provide A la carte and full-service strategies and solutions for your business across the following mediums:



Facebook real estate marketing is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective ways of getting your messaging out to a large audience. That being said, if you don’t get granular with your targeting, there’s a good chance that your money is getting wasted on individuals who may not be in the market for a home.

When building out a strategy, we consider various factors such as: age, geographical location, interests, previous interactions with your website, household income and behaviour to ensure that we are getting your messaging in front of the right eyes at the right time for the right price.



Instagram is a great visual tool when considering real estate marketing options for your business. It also serves as an exceptional medium to generate leads. Think about it, with over 500 million active users spending on average, 32 minutes a day on the app, there’s a lot of eye balls that are ready to consume content.

Here at Real Marketing Solutions, our focus is to ensure that your messaging is presented in a compelling way that will turn those eyeballs into prospects for your business.



Google real estate marketing is and always will be a great way to target audiences that are searching for services that you offer. With Google, our focus is two-fold:

Search – we define key words, ad groups and audiences that provide the greatest ROI and potential to convert.
Display – we build strong remarketing funnels utilizing lead magnets that will attract individuals that have expressed interest in your services to convert on your website.



Did you know that Bing real estate marketing is still a strong contender vs. the Google Ads network? Owned by Microsoft, Bing also powers Yahoo’s search engine and together, they serve 32.6% of US internet searchers. The fact of the matter is, Bing tends to go under the radar when considering real estate marketing tactics and it really shouldn’t. In somecases, you will be able to advertise to a more engaged audience at a lower price point – granted that you’re well-versed on developing and executing optimized campaigns.

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