Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our real estate social media management strategy is simple, ensure that your clients are in the know about your business while driving additional awareness to your brand.

We do this through the following suite of services:



It’s no secret that content is king on social. You want to develop copy and creative that drives engagement, otherwise, what’s the point? Our internal team of content creators specialize in real estate content creation for social media. Whether it’s text posts, single image, carousel, videos or even infographics, we’ve got your back so you can get back to closing deals.



Managing a community is a lot of work. Crafting responses for clients and making sure that no query goes unanswered can be a daunting task for any team. We have an internal system in place that frameworks response rates, times and processes to escalate negative client experiences so they get resolved in an effective and timely manner.



What differentiates Real Marketing Solutions from other boutique marketing agencies is the fact that our foundation lies in one word: transparency. With bi-weekly reports sent directly to your mailbox, you can track and see exactly how your company is performing online. As rigorous A/B testers, we are on a constant quest to optimize strategy and campaigns to ensure strongest ROI.